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Hose Reels

We can get those bulky hoses out of the way and neatly stored for another day. 

Our hose reels offer the best solution to one of the more cumbersome tools of the trade. With the variety of sizes and configurations in our lineup we give you the choice of how to neatly store your hoses.

Offered in fixed wall or floor mounted versions for truck/trailer fastening, or wheel mounted mobile bases for ultimate portability.

Why Floor Mount? Easily transfers to and from vehicles

Why Wall Mount? Free up vehicle floor space for efficient storage of other equipment

34\" - Compact

34in Hose Reel Wall Mount Rendering No Background

Going where no other reel has gone before!


Location, Location, Location… sometimes you just can\’t find the room you need, and that\’s where this reel comes in.

While compact in size to fit where other reels can\’t, this reel will still give you the convenience of safely stored hoses.

Hose Capacity: 150 ft or 3\” hose

Wall Mount70 lbs.34" Diameter x 26" Wide
Floor Mount100 lbs.34" Diameter x 26" Wide x 38" Tall

48\" - Classic

48in Hose Reel Wall Mount Rendering No Background

Get wound up with our MOST POPULAR reel!


Our most versatile reel, this classic will accommodate hoses from every aspect of the industry. And with our wheeled floor mount base, it;\’s easy to see this reel is going places. Not only is it our most popular standard reel, but it is our most customized. From specialized mounting systems to reels divided to accommodate a variety of hoses, this reel can handle it!

Hose Capacity:

  • 150 feet of 4\” hose
  • 250 feet of 3\” hose
Wall Mount87 lbs48" diameter x 26" wide
Floor Mount117 lbs48" diameter x 36" wide x 52" tall

60\" Hose Reels

60in Hose Reel_Cover No Reflection

A compact solution to Large Hose Storage!


Our Gas Vacuums move a lot of air and fiber which requires a large hose, and storing large hoses can be difficult… especially where space is limited. The 60\” Vac Reel was designed specifically for the gas vacuum hose in mind. While being compact, this heavy-duty, high capacity, mini-monster of a reel will tame those larger diameter hoses.

Wall Mount135 lbs60" diameter x 27" wide
Floor Mount170 lbs60" diameter x 29" wide x 71 " tall

90\" Hose Reel

90in Hose Reel_Single Hose

The BIGGEST reel in our arsenal!


Have a gas vacuum and don\’t want the hassle of wrangling that cumbersome hose? This reel is perfect for lugging around those large diameter (4\”-6\”) vacuum hoses.

Or perhaps you are looking for a quick deployment single stack reel for that blowing machine? With the optional divider, this reel will carry separate hoses in varying diameter.

ConfigurationWeightDimensionsHose Capacity
Single Hose147 lbs90" diameter x 17" wide125 ft of 6" hose
Double Hose187 lbs90" diameter x 17" wide110 ft of 4" hose AND 150 ft of 3" hose
water hose reel

This Reel can take the pressure!

With a max pressure of 1000 psi and 250 max water temp., this is the perfect companion to any of our pump systems!

WeightDimensionsHose Capacity
40 lbs17.75" l x 19.75" w x 20.25" h200 ft of 1/4" hose
150 ft of 3/8" hose